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Michelle has been working in Singapore for two families since 2009.

From 07/2009 to 10/2012, she worked for a Chinese family, her helped to look after 9 & 10 years old children, do general housework, cleaning, washing clothes, ironing and cooking for the employer. The employer felt that the children are big enought to take care of themselves and as such, they released her to another employer.

From 10/2012 to present, she has been working for a Malay & Australian family, she is helping her employer to look after a 13 years old kid, cooking and do all around general housework, marketing. Her employer is leaving Singapore to Australia in January 2017 and she is looking for new employer now.

Before she come to Singapore, she worked as a housemaid in Philippine from 2006 to 2009, She looked after a 2 years old baby girl.

Contact :Hirestrategy @67373673 /67376167

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Employer 1: 03/2007 to 12/2010 (3 yrs 9 months), Chinese; Duties include general housework, cleaning washing clothes & cooking for 3 people in a 2 storey bungalow house.

Employer 2: 12/2010 to 03/2011 (4 months),Indian. Looked after one kid 2 years old. General housework, cleaning in a Condo. Reason for leaving:WP has problem thus

she has to go back home.

Employer 3: 07/2011 to 01/2015 (3 yrs 6 months), Filipino; Duties include general household chores, cleaning & washing & ironing & cooking. Reason for leaving; Employer

parents came to Singapore to help thus do not require maid. HDB.

Employer 4: 02/2015 to present (2 years), Chinese from China, Looks after 4 months old baby & 4 years old child. Do general housework, cleaning, washing & assist in

cooking. HDB. Reason for leaving: Employer going back to China.

Contact :Hirestrategy @67373673 /67376167

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